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MSU Scholars is Michigan State University’s version of Elsevier’s Pure database. MSU Scholars highlights the publications of MSU's researchers, as reflected in Elsevier's Scopus database, and their grants, as reflected in MSU's Contracts and Grants database. MSU Scholars increases the visibility of faculty and academic staff to local, state, national, and international research and business communities. It can be used to search for expertise, identify research opportunities, and facilitate collaborations.



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What is MSU Scholars?
MSU Scholars is an MSU-specific instance of the web based tool, Pure, where MSU faculty, external faculty, and other interested, external parties (e.g. corporations and research funding organizations) can:

  • View individual MSU researchers and identify their expertise at a glance with a visual profile and list of publications and grants.
  • Find potential collaborators within and across departments and colleges and across institutions by searching the profiles of faculty by keywords and concepts.
  • Visualize a researcher’s co-author network.
  • Search for MSU experts in any particular field by keywords or concepts.
  • Visualize MSU research expertise and focus by department.

Who can access MSU Scholars?
MSU Scholars is open to the public, and anyone can access department and faculty profiles to search for research activities and expertise by name, keywords or concepts.

Who are included in MSU Scholars?
All tenure system and fixed-term faculty with a research expectation are included in MSU Scholars.  All those included must be paid through Michigan State University.

If a faculty member has multiple appointments, under which college/department is he or she listed?
Each faculty member is listed under all academic units in which he or she has a formal appointment. 

What does it mean that MSU Scholars (Pure) has created a “profile” of my expertise?
By mining the text found in your profile entry (publication titles, publication abstracts, grant titles), Pure automatically generates a “profile” or visualization of the relative use of different words and concepts to describe your research expertise.  Keywords from your profile are mapped by the system to subject-specific thesauri to present concepts in a standardized format. 

Elsevier employs numerous thesauri based on several keywords and concepts.  For a listing of disciplinary subject areas, keywords, and concepts, see the SciVal Experts Thesauri Coverage (PDF).

Will my whole CV be included in my MSU Scholars profile?
No.  Currently MSU Scholars will focus solely on the publications and grants for each faculty member.

Why are only some of my publications included in my MSU Scholars profile?
The list of publications in MSU Scholars for each faculty member is automatically generated by Elsevier’s database Scopus.  While very large, Scopus is uneven in its coverage of different subject areas.  It does not cover every journal, every issue of each journal, nor does it cover many books, book chapters, or other monographs.  Thus, not all your publications may appear in your profile.  MSU administrators understand that profiles are not expected to be complete, and they will not use the profiles for any kind of faculty evaluation.

As an MSU faculty member or researcher included in MSU Scholars, is there anything I should do to validate my profile information?
You should check your profile to confirm that the publications and grants listed are indeed yours and that there are no major errors.  Missing publications or grants cannot be added at this time.  However, if publications listed are not yours, or there is another problem, please contact the MSU Pure Implementation team at to get your profile corrected. 

How often is MSU Scholars updated?
Publications are refreshed in MSU Scholars by Scopus on a weekly basis. Grants are refreshed monthly.

What other universities are using Pure to create a profile tool like MSU Scholars, and can I see their faculty profiles too?
Many universities and research institutions nation- and world-wide are using Pure to create profiles.  After searching for a concept, last name, or free text keyword, you will see experts at MSU with research in that area.  You will see similar experts matching your query at other institutions. 

Who will use MSU Scholars?

  • MSU faculty members and researchers will use the public version to search for identifying internal or external collaborators and experts in specific domains.
  • MSU administrators will use the public version of MSU Scholars to view aggregated information about research and publication trends for individual faculty members, departments, and colleges.  They may also search for internal or external institutional expertise to promote research or instructional collaboration.  Administrators may also choose to send reminder alerts to faculty members about relevant research opportunities presented by Pure Funding Discovery.  They will not use MSU Scholars for individual faculty evaluation because the profiles are incomplete. 
  • External parties, including members of other academic institutions or corporations, can view MSU Scholars to search for expertise, collaborators, or partners among MSU faculty and researchers.  MSU Business-CONNECT will also use the tool to link MSU faculty with business and industry. 

How do I get the best search results from MSU Scholars?
To learn about the research of any specific faculty member or researcher at MSU, search by last name by entering all or part of the name in the search box.  To search by subject area or concept, enter a word or phrase into the search box.  This will direct you to a page listing related concepts and subject areas from which you can choose.  Once your concept search is narrowed, all MSU experts whose profiles match your search criteria will be displayed by relevance.  Clicking the person’s name will yield a list of publications and grants for that researcher relevant to that concept.  You may refine your search by adding related concepts.  Use Boolean logic (AND, OR, NOT) to combine terms for the concept or free text search.

Does MSU have a subscription to the Scopus database itself?
MSU has a subscription to Scopus through the MSU Libraries.  You can access the database through the MSU Libraries Electronic Resources Website.

Why did MSU choose to implement these tools?

  • MSU’s Business Connect Office ( uses MSU Scholars to match industry grant opportunities with MSU experts in a given field.
  • The University Research Corridor has a license for Pure Experts which links the profiling systems from multiple institutions in the state of Michigan.
  • MSU Scholars assists faculty with locating others with whom to collaborate on research.


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