Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions units have when considering an organization change. If you do not see your question listed below, please see information for organization changes located on the Organizational Change Process and Annual Calendar page. If your question still is unresolved, please send it via e-mail to

This list will be updated on an ongoing basis.

Org Codes

  • I have an org code that I'd like to keep and reuse for another unit that I'd like to create, is that possible?
    • No. The 8-character org code can only be used one time for one organization only. If your unit would like a new unit, it will receive a new org code. This new code will begin with 400 instead of 100 and will not have any sight logic (unable to see what MAU the org reports to by simply looking at the 8-character org code).
  • I'd like to create a new unit and have created other new ones in the past, will the new org code be sequential?
    • No. New org codes are created on a first come, first served basis. As new units are created, new org codes are created.

Jointly Reporting/Administered Units

  •  How can my unit create a jointly reporting/administered U2?
    • While the OOI application is capable of creating a jointly administered U2, to maintain clear reporting relationships, a U2 may not report to multiple U1s.

Org Levels

  • I have a pre-existing U1 that I’d like to convert into a U2, is that possible?
    • No. Units may not change levels.
  • I'd like to create U2s but would like to leave a few people and accounts in the original unit, how do I go about doing that?
    • For purposes of reporting, all people, accounts, and assets live at the lowest level. However, if your unit is creating U2s, you may make a U2 with the same name as the U1 and move the things you’d like to keep in that unit to the new U2.


  • Can a unit have multiple general fund operating accounts?
    • Yes.
  • I am creating a new unit and there is an account I would like to keep active, but the purpose of it may change, should I create a new account?
    • If the account as a whole should be moved, it should move. However, if the account is split across numerous units, then new accounts should be created and the original account should be discontinued. For example, if a general fund account is used for numerous activities, when the unit expands, new general fund accounts should be created in each of the respective new units. The original account should stay put, but not be used.


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